I’m Alina. I’ve been truly devoted to photography for over a decade. Out of a passionate hobby it has become a very fulfilling way of life. I adore photographing people, opening their souls and capturing important moments of their lives. I’m a fan of natural light photography with slight retouch.

One of the best traits of my job is that I have the chance to meet many people. Getting to know their stories and lifestyle is always very inspiring. In my works you can see a reflection of my heart.

I’m an artistic soul with lots of manual skills. I love to create. Hairstyling, painting, sewing, woodwork, making bridal hairpieces and other handcraft. The list of spare time activities is quite long.

During a photoshoot I engage myself fully and I am there for you. I help you feel good in front of the camera and I do my best to create unforgettable photos.